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Not only will have access to the latest coaching and marketing systems, tools and online software needed to be successful in today's market. 


In today's competive business and online world, you need the latest marketing and business software to make it easier to stay in front of your competition and find success. 


Dr. Jay has put together a system and environment to help you become the The Go To Expert In Your Fitness Market. You Will have access to How To on Lead generation marketing, what business growth systems are working now, and more. 


What Do You Need? 

Who Is Dr. Jay Herrera?

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  • Are You Fitness Trainer Certified?
  • Do You Have A Business Brand?
  • Do You Know How To Market Yourself?
  • Do You Have  A System To Get Fresh Hot Leads?
  • Do You Have The Best SaaS To Market Your Service?
  • Do You Have A Website?
  • Do You Have A System To Communicate With Your Prospects and Make That Connection?
  • Should You Have A Membership Site?
  • Should You Have A Newsletter?
  • Should You Hire A Marketing Firm?
  • And So On...

What Is Holding You Back?

The Fitness Pro X University platform can help you to become the sought after fitness expert in your market. 

Go-To Expert

Learning System

Breakthrough online platform that prepares the Fitness Training expert to dominate their market and grow their business. 


Earn Specialization credentials in Fitness and Health that is developed by a health care professional 

(Doctor of Physical Therapy)

A Breakthrough Online Fitness Trainer Business Solution System that positions the Fitness Trainer as the Go-To fitness expert in their market. 

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Stop Struggling To Have A Successful Fitness Business.

Don't Pay Thousands In Ongoing Fees For The Necessary Business Tools You Need To Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors. 

Dr. Jay Herrera is a Doctor of Physical Therapy graduating in 2006. He has taken his knowledge and skills from working in healthcare and applied them to the Fitness and Wellness industry ever since he noticed a massive disconnect when his patients could not get quality post rehab fitness care. 

Dr. Jay founded his flagship program, Fitness Pro X University™. It is a breakthrough program that allows for the fitness trainer to become specialized in working with individuals with unique health conditions. But more than that, Fitness Pro X University™ also provides the member with the latest business building training and tools to maximize your fitness business success.  


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