Dr. Jay Is Accepting New Patients!



The ML 830 Cold Laser Is Revolutionizing My Practice…By Dramatically Helping To Change Peoples’ Lives!


  • The ML 830 is a Class III laser, meaning Non-burning of tissue

  • FDA Approved for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Management

  • Used By Thousands of Clinicians To Manage Many Musculoskeletal and Neuromuscular conditions; such as, Arthritis pain, Bursitis, Back pain, Nerve pain, Muscle strain, Tissue sprain and more!

  • The ML 830 Delivers Painless Laser Light

  • Most Sessions Are Fast, Lasting ~ 15 minutes or Less!


email: DrJay@DrJayHerrera.com

Centrally Located in Weslaco, TX  78596

* This Service can only be delivered locally in Weslaco, TX  At This Time.

Dr. Jay will be happy to consult with you to determine if you are a candidate for the ML 830 Cold Laser. If you are in the area, feel free to contact us via email to arrange an appointment today.

At this time, Dr. Jay does accept health insurance. Self-pay arrangements can be made as well.

Thank you for your understanding… 

Due to current Physical Therapy Texas Rules and Regulations, the initial PT examination can be completed without a physician referral; however, if Dr. Jay does recommend cold laser therapy for your condition, you will need a medical referral that states you are medically stable to proceed with Physical Therapy management!