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Rapid Release Pro 2

Vibration Technology!

Slow Motion RR Pro 2 Effects

RR Pro 2- How It Works

Benefits of Rapid Release Pro 2:

Targeted Vibration Technology

Rapid Release Technology uses the latest vibration technology to target pain and tight muscles, allowing users to regain the joy of movement.

In a Class of It’s Own.

Rapid Release’s patented technology brings vibration to a whole new level. The effects this device have on the body are surprising to users, as they experience a comfortable and relaxing experience while enjoying huge benefits. Accept nothing less!

Very much like a high performance sports car, Rapid Release Technology’s Patented, Medical-Grade technology leaves the competition in the dust, but at an accessible price point and financing to make it available to everybody.

Quick, Easy Treatments

The Rapid Release Pro-2 was designed careful so that treatments only need to be 4-5 minutes long, and can be administered by trained assistants.  It is important to learn the benefits of the different treatment heads. Join the revolution!

Rapid Release Technology treatments last only minutes, so you can fit relief into any busy schedule.

Quick, Lasting Results

Doctors and Patients alike are astounded by how quickly and painlessly Rapid Release Technology does its work!  Marked improvement is typical after every treatment, increasing range of motion and eliminating minor aches and pain.

What makes the Rapid Release so unique and effective?

The key is that Rapid Release works at a frequency 3 to 5x higher than any competitor.  The high frequency and low amplitude makes it comfortable and effective over all areas of the body and not just large muscle groups. Rapid Release is the only targeted high speed vibration device in the world. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Rapid Release Pro 2.

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* This Service can only be delivered locally in Weslaco, TX  At This Time.


Dr. Jay will be happy to consult with you to determine if you are a candidate for the Rapid Release Pro 2. If you are in the area, feel free to contact us via email to arrange an appointment today.

At this time, Dr. Jay does accept health insurance. Self-pay arrangements can be made as well.

Thank you for your understanding… 

Due to current Physical Therapy Texas Rules and Regulations, the initial PT examination can be completed without a physician referral; however, if Dr. Jay does recommend Rapid Release Pro 2 for your condition, you will need a medical referral that states you are medically stable to proceed with Physical Therapy management!